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Qualitative Mind Research

Understanding needs | Providing perspectives | Identifying areas of application


Since 2001, QMR offers qualitative research services to meet the very highest standards thanks to profound market know-how and many years of experience in psychological market research and social research – national and international.

We seek out tailored solutions for you and employ innovative, agile and proven methods. Our analytical expertise offers you information and solutions that give you optimal advantage in the decision-making process and support you in project execution.

Conceptualization of the study design, development of the necessary resources for research, recruiting of respondents, organization of logistics and facilities, execution, analysis, presentation of results and implementation consultancy: with us, you can find everything you need from one source.

We have an interdisciplinary team with expert competence in depth psychology analysis.

Our principle: come to know and understand people beyond their opinions: study the motives, needs and beliefs that drive their behaviors.

We present your targets‘ perspectives in a result-oriented format and deliver the information in a way that will afford you confidence and certainty in your decision making.

Passion and identification with the challenges and questions of our clients are the hallmark of our work. We see ourselves as intermediaries between the needs of the target group on the one side and the requirements and goals of the decision makers on the other. Our principle: to get to the core of people’s opinions and understand their needs and motivations.

We work hands on, pragmatically and get to the point. At the same time, we work with patience and analytical expertise to get to the bottom of things in order to break through mere buzzwords or narratives and get to the motivations that lie beneath them. Fast, uncomplicated, result-oriented, flexible, international, convenient – that is our promise to you.